Ever tried to write good business letters?

Don't know how.

Many bright people, perhaps you're one of them, go to great lengths to avoid writing business letters. Even when it means losing the business or customers. The threat of facing a blank page or a bare computer screen can be more powerful than the need to write a letter.

Just the thought of getting started can strike absolute utter terror! "How should I open the letter?" "Just what information do I need to include?" "Am I communicating in the best tone for the situation and is my approach the most effective one?" "What closing will bring the action or reaction I want?" Sometimes the challenge of all these factors so overwhelms us that no letter at all is ever sent, or the letter that is finally composed misses the mark completely.

Frustrating isn’t it? Well it's not that difficult. Want to know how to make it easier? Read on and learn how.

Most of us at work or business write e-mail or business correspondence but few of us can write an effective letter. In my previous life as a consultant with Deloitte Consulting, then a project manager for DHL, and now as a business owner, I found that the average letter is impersonal, overly-formal, longwinded and difficult or tedious to read.

When you write a letter you create an image of you and your company in your reader's mind. A good letter should be effortless reading that makes you want to read more. It should be clear and concise, with short sentences and simple words. It should keep to the facts and be easy to read and to understand.

I understand that most business related materials are boring (zzz….), so I have tried to put in a bit of humor in some of my examples. There’s a letter to Dr. Evil, Al Capone, Kermit (the frog) and more. Read on to find out how you too can write a good letter (and have a little fun too).

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