Letter of reminder

How to write a Gentle Reminder letter

For a reminder letter, state the item you wish to remind the reader about and his/her expected action at the start of the letter. Be gentle with your language. Do not sound impatient. Some good phrases to use includes:

  • I wish to let you know ...
  • I understand you have a lot of work, but I want to remind you...
  • When you get a chance, please...
  • To ensure..., please...
  • Just checking to see if...

In the letter of reminder, provide as much information as possible. Repeat all the necessary information – time, date, place, deadlines, purpose and so forth. If the reader has forgotten about what the reminder is about, he or she shouldn't have to go elsewhere in the files to get more information to carry out the action.

If you are writing a reminder letter in memo form, mention in both the subject line and body of the memo the word “reminder.” Otherwise, the reader may think you are sending him/her new information containing some detail about which he or she was unaware beforehand.

If the letter of reminder is sent due to some change in the original plan or announcement, call special attention to that change. To add emphasis, place that detail alone in a separate paragraph or underline it.

If necessary, request a confirmation.

Letter of Reminder Samples


Can you give me a sample letter for reminder of renewal of maintenance contract?


Dear LeRoy,

Below is a sample reminder letter:


Dear Mr. Clinton:

Recognizing your very busy schedule, I’m sending you this note as a reminder to renew your Cleaning and Maintenance Contract with us. I hope you have been more than satisfied with our service so far.

Enclosed is a copy of the original contract for your convenience.

Would you please have your assistant drop me a note or phone if you require further information.

I’m sincerely looking forward to receiving your renewal.

Miss Lewinsky

Dax Cheng

Meeting Reminder

We have an all agency meeting rapidly approaching I've already sent out a letter of reminder and would like to find an appropriate way to enforce that their RSVP is needed.


You can say: Please note that your RSVP is required by the end of the week. We need to know how many people are attending in order to book an appropriate sized venue.


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