Business Letter of Introduction

How to make a great first impression, build a connection and get the sale.

Imagine you are at a party and you see a hot girl/guy. It’s love at first sight! This is the person you want to spend the rest of your live with. What do you do?

Well, first you would want to go up to him or her and introduce yourself, get to know each other better, go on a date, then followed by more dates, and so on.

It’s not different in business. The letter of introduction is the first step in a hopefully profitable relationship.

Just like courtship, the objective of the introduction is to give the reader a reason to want to know more about the person, company, product equipment or service you are introducing.

It is a multi-step process. You start with the introduction, follow up with a phone call, then a few more meetings and finally make the sale.

There are two kinds of business introduction letter, Introducing a person or company and Introducing a product, equipment or service. In this article, I will:

  • Cover the two different types of introduction letter.

  • Provide some good sentence to start the letter of introduction.

  • Provide some examples, one I have written for this article and two more samples were written for my readers.

  • Finally, I will cover how to follow up to an introduction letter.

The following explains how to write both types of letter of introduction.

Introducing a person or company

Introduce the person or company and give the reason(s) for the introduction. If possible, express the reasons in terms of the reader's interest.

In the business letter of introduction, give background information from your personal experience about the person, service, product, or company.

Indicate any referral action you've taken, but avoid obligating the reader. Make it easy for the reader to make contact.

Express appreciation for any courtesy shown to the person being introduced.

Introducing a product, equipment or service

Introduce the product, equipment or service immediately.

In the business letter of introduction, explain how the new product, service, or equipment differs from whatever is already available: Is it less expensive? Easier to use? More accurate? Safer? State exactly what its significance is.

Mention any exceptions to primary use or application. Who is ineligible to use this service, product, form, equipment? What are its limitations?

Make the item or service easy to investigate. Most readers approach anything new with a wait-and-see-what-everybody-else-thinks hesitancy. Consider offering a sample; an attached illustration; a “case study” explanation; a demonstration; a class; or readily available assistance by phone, visits, or display.

A reader asked for some examples of a good opening sentence to the introduction letter. The following is the question and the answer I gave her.

How to start the sentence for the introduction letter

by Roatha

How can I get the good sentence for starting the letter of introduction?

Hi Roatha,

Some good sentence would be:

  • I want to introduce you to...
  • I'm writing to introduce you to…
  • The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce…
  • We are pleased to announce…
  • I am pleased to introduce…
  • We’re happy to introduce…
  • My name is (name) and I am contacting you to introduce…
  • This is to announce the appointment of (name) to the position of (post)
  • It is with great pleasure we announce the opening of…
Hope this helps.


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