Writing Business Letter Essentials FAQ

The following are some questions on writing business letters I have received from my readers and I would like to share them with you.

By far, the most asked question on how to write a business letter is not actually related to writing a business letter but on the use of English. From my site logs, I see that a lot of my readers speak English as a second language. If English is your second language and you are having trouble writing a business letter in English, then I recommend you download and try this software. You can write in your own language and then translate to English in just one click.

The second most asked question relates to the question, "Is a letter or email the best option?". There are so many, I have decided to add a new page just to give you some more examples on this issue. Go to: Examples of situations where a business letter may not be the best communication channel.

This next question relates to the points; "Consider your Reader", "Be Personal" and "Be friendly, build the relationship".

Email to previous boss

by Kinnari Shah
(Sunnyavle, CA, USA)


My question is I had very good terms with my previous reporting boss.

She left and joined a new company. I want to write her to see how she is doing and just to keep in touch.

Please guide me with proper language/format.


Kinnari Shah

Hi Kinnari,

I would not recommend using anything formal. Since the person is no longer your boss, just write as you would write to any of your other friends.

I have kept in touch with my previous bosses and my previous subordinates have also kept in touch with me. We always write to each other as friends. Remember, bosses are also human.

Dax Cheng

This question relates to the point "Check Spelling, Grammar & Facts". Now the reader below has a big problem with his English. If English is your second language and you haven't mastered it yet, then my suggestion below might help you too.

Having trouble writing

by Feroz
(Saudi Arabia)

i am trying my best to write a good letter but unfortunitly i cant able to konw where to put coma (,) and fullstop (.) how can i get help

Hi Feroz,

This is not an issue with you not being able to write a letter but an issue with your English writing skills.

Even this request is full of spelling errors. I would suggest taking an English class. Another option is a software I came across that can help anyone who has problems with writing in English. You can download a trial version of the software here.

Dax Cheng

The next question relates to almost all the points I have indicated in the Writing Business Letter tips section above.

Deny of wedding gift

by Sangeeta

We have received a wedding gift from one of our business partner, but we want to deny the same with full respect.

How to write a polite letter of denying the gift. The person was not invited for the wedding.

Hi Sangeeta,

First of all, my congratulations to whomever it is getting married.

Now before we go into the letter, being in business myself, I would advice against returning the gift. It may offend the person and possibly cost you or your company future business.

Instead of inviting them to the wedding, you could send a thank you card and offer to buy them dinner some other time.

If you chose to return the gift, the you could write the following:

Thank you for the wedding gift. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept it as (add your reasons).

I hope this helps.

Dax Cheng
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