Sales Cover Letter Example

Note: I classify sales letters as a critical letter, meaning it will cost you or the company you work for money, it is best to have a professional review the letter.

There are two example of sales letters below.

The first sales letter is used for the announcement of Catalog Price Reductions.

The second sales cover letter is from a reader and he/she asked me to see if this sales promotion letter is written correctly? To me, it looks good, but I am not in the target market, so the question is would the target market respond? The only thing I would add is a comparison of the cost to do it yourself.

Sales Cover Letter - Example 1

Dear Miss Bonnie Tyler:

This is my favorite kind of letter. How many letters have I had to write over the years advising you of a price increase? Why, you ask, am I so happy? Read on!

This is to advise you that, for a limited period of time, we are reducing prices on certain items in our catalog.

Take a moment to review the enclosed catalog. I have circled in red ink the items that are temporarily reduced. What an opportunity!

Please take advantage of these prices. If you wish to order large quantities, or stagger shipments, give me a call and we will try to work out mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

In any event, get your order in, as these prices are only in effect until 30 November 20XX.

I do enjoy writing this type of letter. Thank you in advance for your order.

Yours very truly,

Sales Cover Letter - Example 2

Are you overwhelmed and overlooked? Tired of waiting in those endless lines at the grocery and retail stores? We have the solution for you!

Since 2001, Shop for you has helped thousands of people take care of all their shopping needs. Our services will eliminate the holiday rush, so you can focus on looking fabulous. We specialize from choosing a perfect outfit for your special event to picking up your everyday needs. We also keep you informed of all upcoming specials and discounts to save you money.

Imagine the relief of knowing that all of your shopping worries are taken care of. For as little as $12 an hour, Shop for you will simplify your life and maximize your time. You can order quick and easy online or we can have a representative meet with you in the comfort of your home.

Call now and receive our special holiday offer of free gift wrapping or 10% off delivery fees. Offer good till December 24, 2008.

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