Should you use a professional business letter writing service?

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In this article, I will explain:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of using a professional letter writing service.
  • Who should and should not use a writing service?
  • What to do if you need just a little help?
  • Our services

Advantages of using a professional letter writing service

The most obvious advantage is, you get a professionally written letter.

Now, if you are writing a critical letter (involves making or losing money); a professionally written letter has one of the best Return On Investment. For example, if you are writing a business proposal letter, a spelling error may just make you loss the contract. Other critical letters includes resume cover letter, sales letter and business apology letter.

Disadvantages of using a professional letter writing service

A letter writing service can be quite expensive. The average writing service cost $150. It can go up to thousands of dollars depending on what you want to write. (Don't worry, our services start from only $20)

Another less obvious disadvantage is, you will not improve your own skill if you use a service. Writing is a skill.

Don’t use a letter writing service

If you are writing a normal letter, example would be an internal email to a co-worker, then please write it yourself to improve your skills.

If you are already a skilled writer, and you are confident the critical letter you are writing will not cost you money.

If you don't have the money.

Use a letter writing service

If you are writing a critical letter (involves money), then please, make sure you use a professional.

Even if you are a skilled writer, it is best to have a professional review it. Two skilled writers are better than one.

I still use a professional for my critical letters. In fact, I drafted the sales letters for the services below and another writer edited and changed them for me.<

What to do if you just need a little help?

  • If you are not a very skilled writer,
  • If English is not your first language,
  • If you just want to improve your writing skills fast
I recommend you get 3,001 Business Letter Templates. This software has the most comprehensive list of templates and covers every conceivable business situation.

All you have to do to write a good letter is to cut, paste and do a little bit of modifications.

It even gives you phrases when you need it to help you construct sentences.

See my recommendations for more information.

Our Services

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