Example of business letter for Project Update

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The following is an example business letter for Project Update. This example is for a status report is written by the project manager to update the client on the status of the project.

November 25, 2005

Dear Dr Evil:

Re: Doomsday Device Project – Monthly Status Report – October 2005

The overall project is progressing well and is on schedule for full commissioning in May, 2006.

Nuclear Warhead
We have successfully acquired a nuclear warhead from the CIA storage facility in Area 51. The security guard on duty was very helpful for a modest fee of one dozen cream puffs.

Laser guided missile
This project is now 95% complete. Final inspection is now underway. The NASA scientists were persuaded to continue the project once we feed one of them to the mutated two headed beavers. The missile should be operational by February 15th.

All fembots are currently distracting Mr. Powers and we do not expect him to have enough mojo left to stop us by February 31st.

As always, you are welcome to attend our semi-monthly project review meeting. It will be held in the Main Boardroom of the Evil Towers on Thursday, Dec 5th at 1:00 p.m.


Alotta Fagina
Evil Project Manager

This example of business letter for Project Update was modified from The Instant Business Letter Kit.

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