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Business letter of introduction example

The following example is an example of a business letter of introduction.

Dear Miss Pretext,

I want to introduce you to Excuses Inc.. I have been doing business with them for quite some time. We have joint ventures concerning the fabrication of lies and excuses -all ventures that you, too, might be interested in pursuing.

Excuses Inc. is opening an office in your area. Mr. Deception, who is to be in charge of that location, is a good friend of ours, very personable, and extremely knowledgeable about our industry.

To give you a better idea of Excuses Inc.’s activities, I’m enclosing a recently prepared brochure.

When Mr. Deception contacts you, I’ll appreciate any cooperation you can give him. I do think you’ll find several common business interests to pursue.



Business letter of introduction example 2

Another reader was moving out of town and wanted an introduction letter to introduce her clients to another hairstylist. Below is her request and my sample for her.

I'm a hairdresser, we are moving out of state and I want to thank my clients as well as give them a new hairstylist recommendation....not sure how to put it all together.


This is a sample letter that may help:

ACME Hair would like to thank you for being a great customer all these years. We regret to inform you as of September 1st we will be closing. I am moving back to Australia.

My assistant Debra is opening her own salon and I would recommend her as she would still be able to provide the styling and service that you have grown accustomed to at ACME Hair.

You can contact Debra for an appointment at 012345678 or go to her salon at 123 Hairstyle Road.

Thank you and all the best.


Announcing Resignation and Introduction of a replacement to clients

Another reader, Tee requested for a announcement / introduction letter to announce his resignation and to introduce his replacement to his clients.

by Tee

I need a sample of a introduction letter and a announcement letter combined, to informing my clients that I'm handling their account of my resignation and also introducing a new client executive to them.

Hi Tee,

Below is a sample for you:

It has been my pleasure to serve you for the past 5 years. I am confident that you have been pleased with my service as well.

I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving ACME Demolitions and to introduce you to my replacement Mr. Willy Coyote.

Mr. Coyote has been working for ACME Demolitions under my guidance for the last 2 years. He was the one behind the scenes working to maintain your account. I am sure he will be providing the service you are so accustomed to.

If you would like to meet Mr. Coyote, you can call him at 022 234 5678 to arrange for a meeting.


Finally, Ingrid asked for a letter to send as a follow up to a business letter of introduction:

Follow-up Letter of Introduction

by Ingrid
(Toms River, NJ)

I would like to know what type of letter to send as a follow up to a company letter of introduction. I emailed letters introducing our company to other companies in the hopes that they would be interested in hiring our company to provide our services. How should I follow up?

Hi Ingrid,

I would follow up with another letter saying that you have sent them a letter before and if they have somehow missed the letter, provide the same information again and give them a strong reason to contact you.

A side note, it is not a good idea to send a letter of introduction via email. Most people would consider that spam and not even look at it.

If you were sending it via snail mail, then the chances are better that they have received it. In that case, depending on the situation, you can follow up with another letter as described above or give them a call.

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