How to write Apology Letters like you mean it

When writing a letter of apology, acknowledge the nature of the complaint and its impact upon the individual.

Briefly explain your perspective on the situation.

Express your understanding of the situation. Empathize with the individual's concerns.

Give some specific statements regarding the situation. This will show the reader that you really understand the matter at hand.

Detail the positive actions you have taken to resolve the situation at hand. If necessary provide a date or time of resolution.

Provide a brief, concise overview of the situation. Include any explanations or reasons that may provide a better understanding to the individual.

Assure the reader that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure there is no re-occurrence of the situation.

Here is an example:

Dear Mr Al Capone,

Our merchandise is easy enough to replace, but your time and faith in us isn’t. We apologize for your recent experience with the shipment of Tommy guns and we’ll do our best to satisfy you on all counts.

We’ve received a number of complaints from other businesses on this same model. After speaking with the manufacturer, we’ve isolated the problem. We’re prepared to take the guns back and replace it with new units. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that this solution is satisfactory.

My direct line is 666-6666.


Here are a few business apology letter samples. These samples includes an apology for equipment failure, the second letter apologizes for a defective Shrink Ray and the third is from a reader who needs to apologize for not being able to take on a client.

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