Business apology letter samples

Here are three apology letter samples.

The first letter apologizes for equipment failure.

The second letter apologizes for a defective Shrink Ray; and

The third is from a reader who needs to apologize for not being able to take on a client.

Business Apology Letter - Sample 1

Dear Mr. Jolt:

Please accept my apologizes for the equipment failure which caused you to received an electrical shock when you turn on your Personal Armor. You reported that even after following all of the installation instructions, you received another shock from the armor. We have attributed this problem to a fault in the wiring.

You will receive a new unit of Personal Armor free of charge. Thanks for choosing ACME Armor for your personal protection needs.


Business Apology Letter - Sample 2

This is a sample apology letter to Professor Xavier for a defective Shrink Ray.
Dear Professor Xavier,

We are please that you purchased a Shrink Ray for your office, and apologize for the problems you have experienced with its unshrinking function. Such a defect does not typically occur with our merchandise.

We have ordered a replacement Shrink Ray to be shipped directly to your office at no charge to you. As the unit is not scheduled to ship for another two weeks, we have arranged for a rental unit to be delivered to you. We will be paying all rental costs. In the mean time, please make sure Wolverine stays in the Barbie Doll house.

We hope this arrangement will be satisfactory to you.

Thank you for allowing us the chance to correct this problem for you.

Wayne Szalinski

Business Apology Letter - Sample 3

The following is a request from a reader who needs an apology letter because they can not take on a client.
I need to write a letter to a customer telling them that we cannot take them as a client right now and do all the work they wanted done. We are not properly staffed at this time to take on the workload.

This is from a tax/accounting firm.

I am really bad with using the right words for business letters.

Please help!



The following is a sample apology letter you can use:

Thank you for considering ACME Accounting as your company accounts manager.

Here at ACME Accounting, we take our service quality very seriously. Unfortunately, we are not properly staffed at this time to take you on as a client. If we do, we will only be giving you sub standard quality and we do not wish to do that.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we would like to recommend Creative Accounting as your account manager. We have worked with them on many projects before and they take their service quality as seriously as we do.


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