Referral Thank You Letter Sample

There are two samples below. Both samples were written to thank a customer for a referral.

The first sample is from a company that sells products.

The second is from a company that sells services.

As I've said in the thank you letter page, these letters will help build a better relationship and keep the referals coming.

Referral Thank You Letter - Sample 1

Dear Adam Smith,

Yesterday I received a large order from ABC and was told by the Purchasing Manager, Jane Fonda, that you were responsible for the referral.

I was very pleased to have the new business, Adam, but even more pleased that you thought well enough of me to recommend my company to Jane. That’s the best compliment I can imagine, and to show my appreciation, here is a basket of fruits for you and your employees.

Thank you!


Referral Thank You Letter - Sample 2

Dear Ms. Sally Mander:

I would like to thank you for your gracious referral of our rent a relative service to Mr. Lou Zar. Mr. Zar called this morning and told me he had spoken to you during a meeting a few weeks ago.

I was actually taken aback by how much he knew about our rent a relative service. When he told me you spent nearly an hour answering questions regarding the services we provide, I understood why he knew so much.

My sales team will be meeting Mr. Zar next Tuesday to go over the exact details of the service and hopefully sign him on as a client.

We understand that we would not have this opportunity if not for your time spent with Mr. Lou Zar explaining and recommending our service. As such, we would like to give you a 50% discount on your bill next month.

Thank you again.

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