Complain Letter Sample

There are two sample letters below.

The first letter is a letter complaining about the quality of a training course.

The second letter is a letter I have written for a reader about a shortage in a delivery.

Complain Letter Sample 1

Dear Sara:

One of my employees, Collin Powers, attended your June 6 class in St. Louis and was very disappointed with the quality of the course. Specifically, the content did not match the course outline in your advertisements. Although the agenda listed three topics having to do with conflict resolution, less than half an hour was spent addressing those issues. Additionally, the instructor’s knowledge was inadequate to deal with the technical questions from the class.

I spoke to the instructor briefly at the end of the class, and he agreed the questions and customer situations brought up in class were beyond his experience.

In light of the expectations raised by your course announcement, I think we are entitled to a refund of our $350 registration fee. A copy of that registration form is attached.

Should you need to discuss the class situation with me or Mr. Powers in more detail, you may reach us at 123-4567.


Complain Letter about shortage in shipment

Here is another example, this one is a sample I gave to a reader.

Complaint Letter
by Leyo

I would like a draft a letter to inform our exporters regarding shortage of goods in last shipment which we received yesterday.


Hi Leyo,

If the shortage is urgent, I would advice calling them first.

Below is a sample you can use.

We would like to bring to your attention the fact that we have received 50 units of Exploding Golf Balls from you yesterday. However, we have ordered 60 units.

This has resulted in significant delay in our production of the Super Golf Ball Destroyer.

Please send the remaining ASAP. We will expect to receive the remaining 10 units by 12th of March from your company.

Thank you for processing this request immediately.


p.s. Attached is a copy of our Feb 15 order (order number XY321) and the receipt.


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