Letter of Appreciation: How to write one for your staff

There are many ways to state your appreciation to your staff. Writing an appreciation letter is a simple way to recognize an employee for a job well done or you can go all the way and express your gratitude by presenting an award or bonus to the employee.

The following guidelines will help you come up with an effective appreciation letter:

  • Write a note or an appreciation letter as soon as possible.
  • Mention the "why" in specific detail. The reader likes to know you learned of each specific effort and accomplishment on your behalf.
  • Express any positive feedback, results, or comments you received from others about the individual's or group's work during your absence.
  • Be warm, informal, and sincere.

If you are giving an award or bonus:

  • State what the award or bonus is.
  • Elaborate specifically on what the person has done to earn the award or praise.
  • Express what the award or bonus means in symbolic terms.

The following are two letter of appreciation samples:

Dear Lex Luthor junior:

Although you already know you are the guest of honor at the LexCorp Company Banquet, I want to extend my congratulations on your stellar record this year.

Your sales this year have been exceptional, and, as you know, you will receive the Salesperson of the Year Award at the company dinner on Friday. Did you also know you hold the record for the most sales of our Human Clone service? Selling this service to the Super Villain Society is a stroke of genius.

Congratulations, Lex. The award and bonus are well-deserved. It’s no secret why you are the best. Your spirit and “never say die” attitude set a standard for the entire sales department.

I look forward to seeing you and your family at the banquet—they must be very proud of the work you’ve done. Again, congratulations.



Dear Sara:

Congratulations employee of the month! The plaque and bonus are tokens of our appreciation for your exemplary work.

I also want to extend my personal congratulations. Your hard work and positive attitude in the midst of this month’s hiring crunch kept us all going. Volunteering to pitch in on Saturday to help us catch up is just one example of your willingness to go the extra mile.

You are a credit to our company.

Yours Truly,

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